Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 10

The garrison knows that they are in danger. They are scrambling now to prepare for evacuation.

Luke learns the truth about Tylo-Ko.

Jeet Syllba and the Marauders make a move.

Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 10

Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith — Chapter 09

This is a pivotal chapter that maybe explains the title. A touch of the horror trope. The garrison, Luke, and the Voss go to find out what exactly Vader’s Keep was built over.

We also meet some new characters. Some very, very, very old EU characters.

Ghosts of the Sith — Chapter 09

It has been some time since I posted an update to this story. Some people asked me questions about that.

1] A couple of things coincided for me, personally. First, I made a job change which did throw my schedule up in the air a little bit. Also, I had a bit of a health thing that also threw me off for a few weeks. I’m busy, but my health is fine, and I’m otherwise back to normal. I now have finished several more chapters, and I’m polishing them up, now.

2] In the long run, I definitely intend to maintain this entire story on GoogleDocs. I will inevitably go back and make some edits as I do this. It is very lovely that I can make a change to the story within GDocs and have the published document automatically reflect that update. So the whole story will be available both on and GoogleDocs, but eventually, the GDocs version will be the most consistently up-to-date. I’ll post updates for those interest as it the time comes.

3] Someone asked if anything, say, in Rogue One had thrown me off. Such as, for instance, seeing Vader’s castle on Mustafar. Welp, not really. My idea is still consistent with the canon universe in that Vader’s Keep here is also one of his castles. I realized also that Vader’s castle also does make an appearance in the Young Jedi novels. (I never read those.) So I was already going to be deviating from canon if I were to write that this was Vader’s only property.

4] It’s been some time since I have been up to date on any EU material. I admit I hadn’t seen much of the animated Clone Wars, but I have recently been able to marathon the whole series. I have to give all the credit in the world to Dave Filoni and the team there. As a fan, I have to say: wow. I truly loved what they did with a lot of these. I have to say my idea for what I was looking to accomplish in this story was also done by the Clone Wars. Namely, giving the troopers (at least the clone troopers) some humanity and individual stories. Also, they did a much better job exploring the Force in the show. Fans will definitely know the episodes I mean. They made the character of Anakin far more interesting than was done in the live action movies. Lastly, the “Lost Missions” were also good. (Yes, I skipped the Jar Jar Binks episodes.) Yoda’s trip to the Moraban was fantastic. And, obviously covering some of the same ground I am here. Call that foreshadowing if you will.