Sci-Fi Comes To Life

I’ll just leave this link here.

Researchers design moisture-responsive workout suit. – Ventilating flaps lined with live cells open and close in response to an athlete’s sweat.

This “live” suit is a proof of concept of something which I have written into my fiction as an “overskin.” My concept of it was based on the real-life research behind just this type of thing. I explained this in the Star Wars story as the black, lycra-like suit that Stormtroopers wear underneath their armor.

In my fiction, a version of this not only has engineered bacteria, but also theoretical engineered silicon-based nano forms and long-strand polymers. The suit not only literally eats the sweat and oil from the wearer’s skin, but expands and contracts to compensate for fluctuations in atmospheric pressure or puncture wounds on the skin.

It’s interesting to see theoretical and fictional concepts get tangible.

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