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Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith — Chapter 13

This is, by far, the most careful writing I have ever done. I have edited this chapter, I would say, with more care and attention than anything I have ever written. That includes my papers in college.

This chapter brings together several of the original characters I have created who have not yet met. In a very important way.

Jeet Syllba, the Bounty Hunter, has found his target. And he finds it won’t be entirely easy for him.

Luke also is in the Force and the Dark Side. Also available on fan-fiction.net, but permanently hosted through GoogleDocs.

Ghosts of the Sith — Chapter 13


Fiction: Ghosts of the Sith – Chapter 05

Tylo, Jafan, and Luke, all have separate perspectives. We learn that Luke’s research on Voss has not gone un-noticed by those who have a price on his head. Tauntauns, Mandalorians, Bounty Hunters, and Light Sabers all make an appearance.

Ghosts of The Sith – Chapter 05