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Novel — Ghosts of The Sith

The entirety of my small novel Ghosts of the Sith is now available after completion and some heavy editing.

View or download this as an ePub document. I recommend reading the ePub version of this story for easiest reading experience on a tablet or a touchscreen. If you are unfamiliar with ePub, you can open the files with a free e-reader such as Calibre. By default, Windows opens ePub format in Edge. This is just an OK reading experience, but I would recommend using Calibre or any other dedicated e-Reader instead. If you have a Mac or an iOS device, iBooks is the best way to read ePub format, no question.

View this on the web published at GoogleDocs. To enable comfortable reading, I highly recommend using Reader View with Safari or Firefox. I recommend using the extension Mercury Reader for Chrome and other available browsers. If you are using Chrome on mobile, you can enable an experimental setting for easier reading. For Android, I overall recommend using the built-in Reader mode in Firefox. Safari on iOS has built-in Reader mode.

Fiction: Ghosts of The Sith — Chapter 14

We are heading towards the end of this particular story which I have been posting periodically since 2015. Sorry for the delays, but we’re heading to the end.

Much of this has been, I hope, a more quiet kind of story. Well, the action here is ramping up. Lots of blood in this one.

Ghosts of The Sith — Chapter 14